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Pokémon Go Plus Released, Already Sold Out Online

Sep 16 2016, 3:20 PM PDT

As of today, the long-awaited Pokémon Go Plus is officially "released". Of course, unless you're among the hordes who pre-ordered it weeks in advance, that might not mean much in terms of your odds of being able to buy one.

After having its release date pushed back from late July 2016, the device is finally available to purchase in stores — assuming you can find any on the shelves. A few online retailers including Amazon initially offered pre-orders, but it seems that that inventory has long since been spoken for; as of this writing, Amazon no longer even lists the product as one that they carry, although a number of their Marketplace sellers will gladly sell you one at a 250% markup.

Those looking to get their hands on a Pokémon Go Plus right now are probably best off calling any GameStop locations within driving range and asking if there are any units left un-spoken-for. Other than the official Nintendo store in New York City, GameStop is the only brick-and-mortar outfit known to be carrying the Plus in stores on launch day.