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Pokémon Go Plus Makes Appearance at Official Pokémon Company Online Store, Immediately Sells Out

Sep 29 2016, 11:44 PM PDT

Two weeks after its official launch (and having been sold-out everywhere most of the time since then), the Pokémon Go Plus quietly went up for sale on, the official online store of Pokémon Company International. Minutes later, it was sold out there too.

The product has since disappeared from the home page and search listings on the site, though it can still be accessed directly. In the mean time, the other four online launch retailers for the US — Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and Toys "R" Us — continue to show the product as unavailable. Online scalpers, some proudly displaying photos of full cases of the product, continue to list Pokémon Go Plus units on Ebay and the Amazon marketplace for prices up to and in excess of $100.

We will be adding Pokémon Center to our stock tracker shortly; stay tuned!