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Pokémon Go Plus Release Pushed to September

Jul 27 2016, 1:38 PM PDT

The hotly-anticipated wearable accessory to the smash-hit mobile game Pokémon GO has been delayed until some time in September, according to Nintendo of America via their official Twitter channel.

The so-called Pokémon Go Plus is a wristwatch-sized device that promises to let users "enjoy Pokémon GO while you're on the move and not looking at your smartphone". The Go Plus, resembling a Google Maps pin with a Pokéball motif, features only one control: a single button. The device lights up and vibrates to alert the player to a nearby Pokéstop or a Pokémon encounter, and pressing the button triggers a corresponding action, either collecting items from the Pokéstop or attempting to catch the Pokémon in question.

The Go Plus was originally expected to ship by the end of July. So far Nintendo has not released any further information as to the reason for the delay, but one could reasonably guess that Pokémon Go's unexpectedly phenomenal popularity and the resulting growing pains currently facing developer Niantic, Inc. might have something to do with it.