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Alerts turned off for Walmart

Feb 10 2017, 3:22 PM PST

The Plus has now been in stock on-and-off at Walmart for about 24 hours. In the interest of reducing the volume of emails we sent out, we are turning off alerts for Walmart, as we imagine most of our users that were waiting for Walmart availability have already made their purchases at this point.

As a reminder, alerts from Best Buy are turned off as well, due to inconsistent availability data coming from them. Alerts for Amazon, GameStop and Pokémon Center are still active.

If you're no longer looking for a Plus, we encourage you to use the unsubscribe link that we include at the bottom of each email we send. It just takes a few seconds to unsubscribe, and it helps us make sure we aren't blasting out emails to people who don't want them. Thanks!

Latest Pokémon GO Plus news:
Update fixes Pokémon Go Plus connectivity issues on Android

Feb 3 2017, 2:58 PM PST

As we previously reported, a recent update (version 0.53.1) of the Pokémon Go app for Android appears to have broken Pokémon Go Plus functionality for users of certain Android devices. Fortunately, according to an official tweet by the game's developers, these issues are resolved in the most recent release (version 0.55.0).

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