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How Long Does the Pokémon Go Plus' Battery Really Last? First Results from the Field

Oct 4 2016, 7:09 PM PDT

After weeks of hype, rumor and the occasional corporate miscommunication, most of our burning questions about the new Pokémon Go Plus wearable have been settled, but one open question still remaining is just how long of a run players can actually expect to get out of the Plus before having to replace its non-rechargeable battery.

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Latest site announcement:
New subscription preferences

Oct 29 2016, 8:40 PM PDT

In response to user feedback, we have updated the way alert subscriptions work. You can now choose whether to receive alerts only when the Plus is in-stock, or any time it's orderable (including preorder/backorder). As an existing subscriber, you can change your preference by simply repeating the subscription process.